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Soundgarden, “Rusty Cage”

When Chris Cornell died earlier this year I had to put this song on repeat as loud as I could stand. The sheer feralness of it, the substrate of wild nature in both the music and the lyrics, that amazing guitar riff…Io.


Björk, “Hunter”

Gjallarhorn, “Suvetar”

Venus Hum, “Hummingbirds”

S.J. Tucker, “Wild River Child”

It’s not so much that I think this song’s about Artemis–it’s not–but it evokes the same energy for me. And Artemis does have a great deal to do with water…Love S.J.’s music. Get this song and the rest of Stolen Season here.

Tim Eriksen, “Every Sound Below”

This song has always had a wild, Artemisian feel to me:

One old new moon, as sister, cast a beam
This newest moon, as rock, casts only shadow

What speed westward, could stop her being swallowed by the hills?
Which of all the fairest sounds, between this rock and ours,
Casts anything but memory?

Haunted is an easy word for all these moons
And every sound below.

Hedningarna, “Bierdna”

This song by Swedish/Finnish group Hedningarna features yoik by Sami vocalist Wimme Saari. Bierdna means bear. Bears are associated with Artemis in Her aspect as huntress and steward of the wilderness, and there are several myths concerning bears connected to Her. In most of these, a bear sacred to the goddess is killed, usually by accident or in response to aggression, and Artemis demands recompense. Such a myth is the aetiological origin of the bear-dance rituals performed at Brauron and other Artemisian sanctuaries.

Beyonce, “Daddy Lessons”

Daemonia Nymphe, “Summoning Pan”

Daemonia Nymphe, “Summoning Pan”. I had the great good fortune to see this band perform live at FaerieWorlds 2016. A real treat for anyone who follows the Greek gods.

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