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hiketeria offering, May 2018


Dearest Lady
Protector of children
May You shelter them in Your embrace
Guide and guard them on their paths
And keep them safe from harm.
Particularly those who are far from home
And separated from their loved ones.
Grant them safe harbor and rest, Great Lady
And I will remember You again.



Altar for Artemis Mounichia, May 2018


Of Artemis we sing
no light matter is it for poets to forget
she who amuses herself with archery
and shooting hares,
who cares for the mountains.

— from Callimachus’s Hymn to Artemis, translated by Yvonne Rathbone

to Hekate

Hecate I praise, fair maiden of the crossroad,
you who see things hidden, who heard Persephone
as she cried out from the underworld. Hecate,
with whose help did Demeter regain her dear child;
whose torches light the moonless night; who guards the gate;
who receives due offering wherever three roads meet;
yours, goddess, are shares in all the realms. Hecate,
who travels freely along all roads, I praise you.
To you, Hecate, are the mysteries known.
To you do women ever turn for protection.
To you do those who work magic pray for wisdom.
Hecate, ancient one, I praise and honor you.

— by Hearthstone

The Orphic Hymn to Artemis

A beautiful rendition, translated by the reciter.

To Artemis Ephesia

The temple of Artemis at Ephesus was made by a woman,
the Amazon Otrera, wife of Ares.
The Amazons made themselves in Her image,
armed themselves with bows,
burdened themselves with offerings
for Artemis as they fled from Herakles.

She protected them and led them,
inspired them and loved them,
Artemis rarely called motherly,
Artemis rarely called kind.

Love is not always soft.
Patronage is not always simple.
Artemis was called Goddess of the Amazons,
and they loved Her with a sharp,
warlike love, and built  temples
and wooden statues to honor and ask
for Her love in return.


Bacchae, Epiphany of Dionysus

Concluding track from a musical setting of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter by Vaxevaneris Stylianos Hephaestion. Io Dionysus

Artemis, Queen of Winter


hail artemis, queen of winter!
hail to her, golden and silver,
hail to the chill of late-morning snow,
hail to the coming of the rosy dawn.

(Source: athenaion)


(Candle: Rosarium Blends. Statue: Jeff Cullen Artistry.)

Come, graciously hear my call,
You who oversees the wide world of the night,
darkness voyaging Goddess; famed, easy-birthing, bull-faced, horned,
mother of Gods and men, Nature’s All-Mother

(Source: Hellenic Polytheism: Household Worship)



Hail Artemis
Lady of the Wild
Lady of Beasts
Mountain Dancer
Leader of Nymphs
Arrow-showering One

I come to you now as I do every month at this time
With offerings of evergreen branches
Of water and flame
I ask your protection on my path, torch-bearer, illuminer
And protection for the wild young on the edge of winter
And protection for my family’s children, my friends’ children, for all children
And those taken untimely by illness or violence or accident
Take them in your train
Lead them on safe paths
Let them find good water and a place to rest and peace

This I ask of you, O Goddess of the grove and of the childbed
And I will remember you again.

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